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  • What is it about the airports?

    What is it about the airports?

    Airports, for me, are the epitome of existential dread. These sprawling hubs are where the transient nature of life is most palpable. The constant flux of people, each lost in their own worlds, highlights the fleeting, often meaningless passage of time. The architecture, though grand, feels cold and impersonal, echoing the emptiness of our journeys.…

  • Visit to the Erlangen History Museum

    Visit to the Erlangen History Museum

    The International Comic Salon was everything I had hoped for and more. However, my trip to Erlangen wasn’t just about comics. I spent a considerable amount of time at the city’s Historical Museum, which turned out to be an enlightening experience. The museum offers a deep dive into the turbulent history of Erlangen and Germany,…

  • A dream

    A dream

    I had a disturbing dream of a world where a failed Alien invasion had happened several months in the past. The horror of it was that everyone was about their business, and the whole affair was treated as old news. “Life went on.”

  • Why blog, why now?

    Why blog, why now?

    I feel I need to talk to someone about art. The nature of the work is solitary as many who are in the trade will testify. Ironically I have all the means to connect virtually with the entire world, and yet I feel I have no one to talk to. The social media platforms look…