Full page 5, Eve

Finally managed to upload this page. I’m either gonna get very good at this technique, or abandon it altogether. By this technique, I mean, directly painting it over the linework. Otherwise, I’d be doing it the way its’s usually done these days: Creating a color-only layer. This one would be mostly done in Photoshop, with perhaps some watercolor washes scanned in. The latter would be applied onto a thick paper placed on a top of the linework and with the application of a lightbox, loosely painted with a brush. The physical watercolor washes would have to undergo a series of value-adjustments in Photoshop, because you’re painting against the light! No way you could get adequate tones and colors at a first swing. But, you still go on and do it for textures and the “real feel” more than anything else. In the end, I hope I would get the results similar to Alfonso Font’s Jon Rohner album. That would require a more detailed inks, however. Nevertheless it would still be speedier than the technique I’m using right now.







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